Gator Hunter Headlight: 50 watt narrow beam w/ Halo Shield (50000 CBC


Our Superspot 50,000 specialty high performance headlight is equipped with our NEW 50000 CBCP “NARROW BEAM” tungsten halogen lamp that can project a beam approximately 3/4 mile. The Gator Hunter headlight weighs ONLY 6 ounces. This is one of our premier spotlights for GATOR HUNTING or FROG GIGGING. Preferred by many professional and commercial hunters. This lamp projects a narrow spot with a reduced halo light for that focused beam and is FULLY DIMMABLE. Because it uses ONLY 50 watts of power, it operates at a cooler temperature and can be used with our waist worn battery pack, run time approximately 1.75 hours. Operates on 12 volts and has a 4.4″ diameter reflector lamp. Mounted to our fully adjustable, flexible plastic headgear.

Comes with a 10′ power cord with your choice of either battery clamps or cigarette style plug.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in


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