Crossbow bolt w/ GATOR PRO point


GATOR PRO BreakAway Bolts for Crossbows are great for those large targets that tend to break arrows. This set-up allows you to tie your bowfishing line directly to the point. When your target is hit, tug on the line and the shaft will pull out from the point. When the line is pulled, the shaft pulls free from the point but stays tied to the line via a ring while the point stays in the flesh. This eliminates any leverage your prey may have when thrashing, as well as the possibility of losing your prey if the shaft breaks during the fight. Equipped with our popular Gator Pro Point and the AMS saftey slide system. Bolts are made of 22/64″ dia. x length 24” solid yellow fiberglass with half moon nock. An excellent choice for Alligator hunting! Includes: Shaft, Saftey slide system, GATOR PRO Point, and completely assembled with a 500# test braided Dacron leader. Ready to tie on to your line and GO HUNTING!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in


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